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Institute of Media and Development Studies




Dr. Madhurjya Prasad Bezbaruah

Economist & Professor,Department of Economics, Gauhati University


Samudra Gupta Kashyap

Prominent Journalist, Formerly Principal Correspondent for Northeast India, Indian Express


Mrinal Gohain

Renowned Development Practitioner, Regional Manager, ActionAid Association


Lines from the Executive Director


Nayanjyoti Bhuyan

Managing Trustee & Executive Director

Northeast India is going through a phase of rapid transition in the last two or three decades due to both internal dynamics as well as external exposure. A predominantly agrarian and rural society (with many characteristics of tribal society) is fast embracing urbanization as well as industrialization and modernization. Though the impact can be seen in all aspects of social life from occupation to education and culture, its immediate stakeholders are the new generation trying to cope with these tremendous changes and trying to make an honest living.

We believe that the development sector and the new media are two major possibilities for the young generation. With United Nation’s going full steam towards Millennium Development Goal (MDG) and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), the development is the key focus area. Every sector is linked with it and everyone is involved in it directly or indirectly. As a result, the development sector has its own grammar and dynamics. Sooner the young students and internees can grasp and master the language of the new development practices better it is for both for the individual and the society. The avowed aim of our institute - Institute of Media and Development Studies (im&ds) is to help the young practitioners to understand the grammar and language of the development sector and make them efficient enough to be a part of it.

Media and Development are part of the existing social system. The new changing media landscape with 24X7 newsfeed has its effect on the development practices too. In order to address this new trend, the development practitioners will have to acquire new skills and the media personalities would also have to keep themselves abreast of the new development challenges. The Institute envisages to address both these requirements from these two mutually dependent sectors.

We endeavour to orient the young minds to the dynamics of both the sectors, by way of helping them to evolve as per their interests, aptitude and future livelihood potentials.




Dr. Gopal Kalita

Senior Medical Practitioner & Social Worker

Academic Advisor


Dr. Debraj Das

Researcher & Academics




Prithibhusan Deka Distinguished Social Worker, President, Gramya Vikash Mancha, Nalbari

Samudrajit Sarma Businessman & Social Worker

Nayanjyoti Bhuyan Independent Journalist & Development Practitioner


Vision Founders


Gautom Bhuyan Principal Consultant, Infosys, Philadelphia

Dr. Uddipan Dutta Researcher & Academics

Himanshu Bhuyan Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Boston

Kishor Kumar Kalita Writer, Activist & Law Practitioner

Swapan Singha Farmer, Development Consultant

Ranjan K Baruah Youth Motivator, Senior Career Consultant

Hiranya Kumar Sarma Principal at Ajagar Valley Academy, Goalpara & Development practitioner

Rubee B Das Journalist & Consultant, Development Communication

Mukut Lochan Kalita Senior Consultant, Education


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